Will rental video stores like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster Video go out of business eventually?

Even though Blockbuster has implemented a mail order service similar to Netflix, it seems they’re struggling nonetheless. Its like they’re trying to do too much.

Anyway with Netflix, Digital Downloads like itunes and Apple tv, as well as alternatives like pay per view and satellite/cable, it just seems like they’re eventually going to go out of business.

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I go to the video rental store pretty often.. But when I go up to the register to pay for the movie he always says hello, how are you? etc… and one day he also asked "No mom today?" because usually my mom is with me when I go. Does it seem odd that he remembers me and who usually accompanies me there? Also I use my mom’s membership card when I go in by myself… and he never asks me for my name or ANYTHING at all. He just swipes the card and hands it back. But today when I went, he asked me for my first name! I don’t know if that is significant or not… I just thought it was slightly odd. Also when I pick out a movie he always comments on how good of a movie it is or says "good choice!". He’s always saying have a good day to me. I feel so stupid because I am overlooking everything… lol It was blockbuster…
I’m just replying to the person who gave me an answer!!! and no It wasn’t Erie, PA but it IS in Pennsylvania!! how weird is that? lol but yea I don’t know what it is about this guy but I can’t stop thinking about him. haha I was thinking maybe, just maybe he asked for my first name to look me up on facebook or myspace or something. lol that is quite a coincidence though! :D

Other Sites Movie Rental New Releases Site Online

    Hello! I am in the process of putting together a video rental venture and was wanting to know if anyone had any idea where I could find a supplier for my dvd’s ( preferably wholesale, and reliably legitimate). I know I can use amazon and half.com, but if there is a specialized supplier out there, I’d rather just go that route.

    PS: Please no links to salehoo.com or any other websites like it.
    PPS: I’ve read the other posts, and can see that many would just argue that a rental store is not a good business plan; My case is special. This is an on-campus movie rental place at my university, and from all the students I’ve talked to, This place is going to do very well, so please: no naysaying.

    Other Sites Movie Rental New Releases Site Online

      I want to open a video rental (well dvd, blu ray and cd) store with a difference. I am not a fan of the LOVEFILM type service as I tihnk it’s restrictive, awkward and expensive. I would like something along the lines of a store where you can buy and/or rent DVDs/Blu Ray Discs and CDs (albums) at low prices with low late fees.

      I have been told that the video store is dead but i dont believe it. I would also encorporate a website into the idea of the store where you could reserve movies online and have them delivered to your front door or posted.(or you can pick them up)

      A website where u stream movies for a price would be fantastic but most peoples computers are not good enough to stream movies in dvd quality and now we have blu ray i think people will start renting more for the quality of the sound and picture which you cant get from torrents or streaming.

      Basically I want to know if these things like:

      *drop offs to your house and or postage
      *large selction of snacks in store at low prices
      *dvd/bluray/cd and game rental
      *online reservations and purchases
      *notifications to your phone/facebook etc when a rental is due back
      *special offers for good customers
      *comfy seating in store so you can sit and read movie blurbs
      *a computer database for CUSTOMERS to see what we have in store rather than having to ask the employees all the time
      *ability to buy tickets to local gigs and albums of local bands

      If these aspects would make a difference to you going to video stores rather than using a LOVEFILM type thing online…?

      And anything else you wana add, feel free to rant about the things you hate about video stores too!

      Thanks a lot! :D


      Other Sites Movie Rental New Releases Site Online