Going to the cinema is still a favorite pastime and multiplex cinemas do good business. The introduction of state of the art home equipment has meant that people like to watch films at home too. Big screens and surround sound bring the cinema experience nearer and in the comfort of home. There are different reasons to buy movies. Sometimes, someone may want to see a favorite film, over and over. They make good gifts too.

Since videos are being phased out, to be replaced by DVDs, interest has grown even more. The DVD has brought extra features, not seen in the original film. Some DVDs have two discs, with one disc being devoted to interviews with cast and crew, documentaries, alternate scenes, deleted scenes and behind the scenes footage. A disc may contain a longer version of a film itself. For example, the three Lord of the Rings films are approximately 30 minutes longer for each one than their cinematic release.

Films that are considered to be classics are often re-released on DVD as a Director’s Cut. This is another reason to buy movies, in order to see a film as the director intended it to be, before the producers edited out scenes. Ridley Scott’s Blade runner is available as a Director’s Cut.

There are different ways of ordering films. Video rental stores often sell off films at bargain prices and these can also be bought online. Department stores and record stores are good places to buy movies too and often have discounted items. There are online retailers that sell movies, sometimes specializing in different types of film. If a movie buff has a particular passion, there are outlets for independent film and foreign language films.

Box sets are very popular and appeal to every taste. They may represent a certain genre, director or actor. Actors and actresses from the golden age of Hollywood often appear in these collections. It’s a convenient way to buy movies and see classic films, starring Cary Grant,

Humphrey Bogarde, Bette Davis or Marilyn Monroe. Directors, such as Alfred Hitchcock and David Lean also feature in box sets.

Films are often made in series, especially in recent times. In order to buy movies with lots of sequels, box sets are the answer. Star Wars, Star Trek and the Harry Potter series are prime examples. All the Rocky movies would fill a shelf! Horror films too, tend to have sequels and are suitable for box sets. The film industry and the DVD industry are good for each other.