Some success tips for men and women

In the dating world, the movie date is perhaps the perennial favorite. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are a few things you need to consider if you want a second date. Making a thoughtless choice can result in unreturned calls for a second date with a person you’d have loved to get to know better. If you think that the movie date is just the first, guaranteed inroad to the heart of your current heartthrob, read on.

Most women love ‘chick flicks’ and mistakenly think that this will put a guy in an appropriately romantic mood, making him ripe to fall in love. Guy meets girl, all goes wonderfully right, with just the right good dose of comedic plenty and everyone lives happily ever after. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men are from Mars and etcetera. You’ll have trouble keeping him awake, much less paying attention to you. While you’re thinking, love is in the air, he’ll most likely be thinking, sappy galore, boring and more boring. The chick flicks are best saved for viewing with female friends. This genre is a turn off to most men. Definitely not a good movie date choice with the opposite sex.

Now, for you men. Maybe your idea of a great movie date is the blood and guts horror film. While some women can get into this genre, it’s usually not their first choice for a romantic date. This type of movie also wears thin quickly for most women. Unless you know that she enjoys the graphic, bloody movies as a regular diet, don’t opt for this choice as your opening move to romance. Women tend to view this genre as a romance killer. She may even associate your choice as an indicator of your personality profile!

So what’s a safe bet for a movie date? Perhaps a Michael Moore style documentary, like ‘Sicko’ or ‘Fahrenheit 911’. Thought provoking, entertaining, with a bit of comedy and cynicism. ‘Life is Beautiful’ might be another good choice. Give your movie date choice some depth, with opportunities for substantive chat at the coffee house after the movie.

A good comedy works. Laughter puts everyone in a good mood and casts a neutral mood on the overtly romantic play. This type of movie date opens the doors to meaningful and lively conversation that doesn’t depend on a message or agenda that might be misinterpreted by your date.

If you have taken the trouble, or have had the opportunity to discern the tastes of your date, that’s your best bet. Your first movie date can make or break a future relationship. Don’t blow it!

Theater movies

We all pretty much gets duped on a regular basis. Come on; think about this for a second. The majority of us love films, right? We continuously crave that escapism found with our favorite genres of cinema. However, Hollywood sadly continues to crank out re-make after sequel. And on top of that, theater movies run us 8.50 per person. Unfortunately that doesn’t even cover any treats or snacks to enjoy while watching the film. What is the deal here? How long do movie producers plan on making the same flicks over and over? Apparently what we need in this world of film making is some genuine imagination.

About how many times each month do you fork out the cash for theater movies? One a week or maybe it’s only a special occasion thing? Personally I do the movie theater routine when new horror flicks come out. This is the genre that must be watched on the big screen for me. The visual terror and surround sound eerie music keeps me on the edge of my seat. Although I’m never keen on the cost of theater movies. It’s just gotten ridiculous in recent times. I can’t figure out why it went up so high. Oh wait; yes I can! It was raised because it could be raised. After all, it’s not like everyone is going to give up on the movie theater experience. We all want to see enticing flicks on the big screen. There’s a definite nostalgia about this ritual. Not to mention the popcorn is good.

Back when I was in high school, we had to call a certain number to hear the list of current movies playing and their show times. But now this is no longer the case. In this day and age you can get the scoop on theater movies just by logging onto a website. The simplest way is to pull up the website for you local theater of choice. Find out their exact show times and prices in a few seconds. You can even see what will be playing this coming Friday. However, I must suggest the matinee to anyone craving theater movies. Watch that cool new flick on the big screen for a lower cost of 6 bucks per person, and you won’t have to deal with the heavy crowds. Get the best seat and enjoy your cinematic experience in peace.