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When I was a kid, there was nothing like a cinema poster to get me excited about a movie. I knew that movie posters didn’t always reflect what was going on in the film, but I didn’t care. Kids realize things that adults don’t know sometimes. As a kid, I realized that the whole point about the movie was to get you excited. My parents would always pick apart the movies they saw. They were just like that. I suppose most of my friends do those nowadays, but not me. When I see a movie poster that gets me excited about what one of my favorite actors or directors is doing, I resolve to enjoy that movie. Unless it is really disappointing, I always have a good time.

What I like so much about movie posters is the flawless design. Nowadays, there are many movies that come out that are simply turned out to make a lot of money. A lot of the time, little thought goes into the whole art of the film. Often the shots aren’t always that well planned out, the acting is overrated, and the direction is not that great. With movie posters, however, no effort is spared. You see, although getting everything right for thousands and thousands of frames can be kind of hard, coming up with the perfect movie poster is something that every studio can afford to do. They hire the best designers, and get the best results.

That doesn’t mean that B movie posters do not have a certain charm to them. I have had a horror movie poster collection going since high school, and I’m adding more and more images every year. There is just something about the over-the-top silliness of them that is really appealing and almost heartwarming in an ironic way. Everyone loves a cheap thrill now and then, and horror movies deliver. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Still, something has to be said for the classic posters. Before there were all the modern special effects available, people put a lot more thought into creating an artistic image. They didn’t have as many dazzling choice to work with, but sometimes the work was better because they had to be more careful with the design. The golden age of cinema has passed, but fortunately we can still enjoy it today. Whether watching a classic film or simply looking at a classic movie poster, we can be transported!

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