The Disney movies that my daughter sees today are very different from the ones I saw when I was a child. I remember seeing Bambi when I was in the fourth grade at school, and I was troubled by what I saw for a very long time. Most children are extra sensitive, and I don’t know that I should not have seen that movie at that age. It’s not that most children that age cannot handle such a movie, it was just that I couldn’t. I remember going home and crying for hours about what I had seen in that movie.

I understand now that I am a mom that I have to keep an eye on what my daughter watches. This means that I have to know what she is going to see before she can see it. For the most part, any parent can trust Disney movies, as they are always of good quality and have a good message, but some are not meant for the younger crowd. Parents often ignore that and children see things they may not be emotionally old enough to deal with just yet.

It is almost impossible to watch every single movie your child wants to see before they see it. If they only see a movie on a rare occasion, that can be easy enough. However, if they see as many as just one of the Disney movies a week that is two hours a week a parent has to take out of their time to make sure the movie is okay to view. That is just too much time. Though Disney movies are okay for the most part, each parent must make that decision for themselves. That can be the hard part, especially if you really don’t know any other parents with children near in age or personality to your own. You are going to have to do the footwork on your own.

The best way to decide if the Disney movies your children want to see are okay for them, you should look online to see if you can find any detailed reviews of the movies. Keep in mind that some reviews are more thorough than others, so you may have to read through a few of them before you find one that is helpful. You can search by the name of the Disney movies, or you can find a site that reviews all types of movies and see what they have to offer under the ‘kids’ section.

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