Renting a DVD or video is one of the most popular things to do. The introduction of state of the art technology with HD screens and surround sound has meant that people can watch their favorite movies and appreciate the quality of the production. Add a bucket of popcorn and everyone’s happy. The Blockbuster video chain of stores is one of the most successful around.

The chain opened in 1985 and sells computer games, in addition to films. There are branches in more than 30 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Italy and Israel. Since 2003, Blockbuster video opened stores, called Game Rush that specialize in games.

Shopping online has become increasingly popular and the company launched an online rental service in 2004. This gives customers the convenience of ordering from their homes and receiving DVDs by mail. If a customer wants to find a particular store, there is a store locator on the web site. More than 75,000 titles are available for rent, giving so much more choice than the stock at the local store.

There aren’t any due dates or late fees, when renting online and domestic shipping is free. The titles are divided into easy to find categories. Customers can shop by genre or scan the new releases. Other categories include 1001 Movies You Must See and 100 Top Rentals. There are also Blu-Ray DVDs and Award Winners. Each film advertised is given a full synopsis, certificate rating and cast list.

The store operates an optional membership scheme, charging a small annual fee. The membership is called Blockbuster Rewards and participants enjoy special offers and discounts. Blockbuster Video is one of the most recognized brands in the world and looks set to continue at the same level of success. The increase in movie theatre audience figures has boosted the sale and rental of DVDs as well. Audiences like to see movies again or they may have missed it at the cinema. DVDs also have extra features, not shown with the original release.

Giving presents to a movie buff is easy when you have a Blockbuster store or participating retailer. Gift Cards for rentals are available and there are also gift sets that contain a popcorn kit, popcorn recipe book, a bag of M&M sweets and a gift card. The company has said that 64% of Americans are just ten minutes away from their nearest store, a statistic that illustrates how successful Blockbuster Video has become.