There are several places to go online to get all the new upcoming movie trailers. These sites are very popular and you can see trailers or previews on your computer screen. Sites that feature movie trailers are some of the most popular on the internet and continue to grow day by day.

The number one movie site is Without needing any extra technology most people can just go to this site using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and watch dozens of new movie trailers. The home page usually features around ten movie posters. You click on one of them and it goes to the viewing page for that film. You can then choose to watch movie trailers in one of three formats usually, small, medium, or large.

is another site that yahoo publishes and has lots of great movie trailers on it. On this site if you place the cursor on top of the film artwork it gives you an arrow. When you click on these arrows you are directed automatically to another page where the movie trailers play instantly.

Another big corporate site is and this is owned by so although it features a lot of movie trailers, it mostly has just the big studio ones. also has a great site but it once again features mostly big Hollywood movies.

There is also and and these have mostly the same ones but in not so friendly to use formats.

There are several sites that feature independent film movie trailers such as and Some of the finest films made each year are made outside the big studio system and if you really like movies you should do yourself a favor and check these out.

Movie Trailers

If you are a big fan of Japanese animation (Anime) you can check out those movie trailers at Two great anime movies are “Ponyo” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”, both released by Disney.

There are some really good movies set to be released and you can also go to the studio websites themselves to see their lineups. Suggested are,,,, and many others.

Some of the great looking trailers out there right now include “Defendor” starring Woody Harrelson as a wannabe super hero. A similar theme runs through “Kick Ass” which is about a teenager who decides one day to become a costumed crime fighter though he lacks any kind of superpowers at all. “Alice in Wonderland” is the live action remake of the Disney classic starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. This movie looks amazing and fans will line up to watch it in 3-D.