Assuming that you know someone “in the business” and are able to somehow get your script into their hands, you still need to make sure of some things beforehand in order to not have your “baby” tossed into the wastebasket.

Most movie scripts are terribly written by talentless hacks who don’t know the first thing about writing. Most of these delusional people can’t write their name much less a hundred page screenplay. Assuming (and this is assuming a lot) that you are not a hack but have some actual intelligence, sensitivity, and above all else, Talent with a capital T, then you could be on your way to a career writing movie scripts. But not so fast, first you need to learn a thing or two about the craft of screenwriting.

There are some seriously good books available at any of the major book stores (or even better, used book stores) that will teach you how to write good movie scripts. One of the most prolific authors on screenwriting is a gentleman by the name of Syd Field. He has written many, many books on the subject and they are all very valuable. One of them is titled “Screenplay: The Foundation of Screenwriting”. I don’t know if Syd Field ever had a screenplay produced or not, but most screenwriters who have been produced don’t have the time to write books even if they wanted to. That is because once you have had one of your movie scripts produced you will not be lacking for work in Hollywood. In this town it is all about what have you done for me lately and if you are working you will always be working, until you get too old that is. The bottom line is that you will be making way too much money to do anything but write screenplays.

You will also need to get good screenwriting software. They are very expensive with the least expensive one being Final Draft at around $150 on There is also Movie Magic Screenwriting software but it is more expensive and not as good. Once you get the hang of Final Draft you will wonder how you ever wrote anything without it. It is fast, intuitive, and formats your movie scripts into the exact format that the entire industry uses. It is actually strange that the format has not changed at all for the past seventy years, even down to the mandatory Courier typeface which closely resembles that of an old-fashioned typewriter (younger readers are confused here, never having seen an actual typewriter).

So make sure to get your act (or three) together by learning how to write movie scripts before attempting to sell any to the industry. It is still very tough to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter, but once you do you can definitely count on a fun and lucrative career.

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