Christmas gift for couple.

Up until recently, most of my friends have been single folks. As such, I have never really had to worry all that much about finding a Christmas gift for couple. It is pretty easy to pick out a perfect Christmas present for a friend, coworker or relative, as I know most of the people around me very well. Finding a gift that is good for a couple, however, can be a good bit more challenging.

Of course, sometimes it just so happens that you know both members of the couple. In cases like that, Christmas gifts for couples are easy to pick out. Either you get each of them an individual present, or you come up with the perfect gift idea for both of them together. If you only know one of them, however, finding a Christmas gift for couples can be a lot harder.

If you aren’t sure what to get, the best Christmas gift for couple is usually something that both of them can use. A Netflix subscription, for example, is a great Christmas gift for couple provided that they do not have one already. Similarly, a movie that both of them enjoy watching, new cutlery or dishes, or the like can also be a great gift idea.

If you are looking to spend a little more money, one of the best Christmas gifts for couples that you can get is a gift certificate to some sort of vacation getaway. I guarantee that any couple in your life will appreciate you funding a romantic weekend trip to some nearby destination. Even a gift certificate for a couple of massages in town will give them something that they can enjoy together.

One of the techniques that I use from time to time when I can not think of the right Christmas gift for couple is to ask each of them what the other one would like. Usually, both of them have a good idea of some gift to get for their partner, and you can bet that they won’t give you away! It is the best way for you to be sure you will have the perfect Christmas gifts for your friends. If all else fails, you can always get them gift certificates to book or movie stores. After all, everyone likes to have the chance to pick out books and movies. That way, they can get whatever they want!

Christmas vacation

It just wouldn’t be an official holiday season without multiple viewings of the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. We generally pull our DVD out around mid October, when the weather starts to get dreary and those first thoughts of Christmas enter our minds. By the end of January we have viewed Christmas Vacation a good five times and are quoting the entire movie each viewing. If you have never seen the movie, you truly are missing out on one of the absolute best movies representing a true family holiday, and not one that is all sugar coated and touchy feely. Of course there are some of those moments, but Christmas Vacation is a comedy relief during what can be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Christmas Vacation is written by John Hughes and stars the legendary Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. Of course the lead actors are fabulous, but Christmas Vacation is truly an ensemble that is a force to be reckoned with. From a young Juliette Lewis portraying the surly teenage daughter to Doris Roberts portraying the mother in law that just can’t bite her tongue and drinks a little too much to the fantastic Randy Quaid portraying the long lost cousin that just doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the family driving in and unloading his rusty old RV in the pristine suburban community. If any of the supporting cast was not included, Christmas Vacation would be a completely different movie.

There are countless quotable scenes during the movie, and many of them are simple exaggerations of things we have each encountered in our own lives. The movie is completely relatable, which is one of the reasons it feels like inviting an old friend over when you watch it. Clark (Chevy Chase) hates his job and his boss, but sucks up endlessly to receive recognition only to be shafted on his Christmas bonus. Juliette Lewis (Audrey) laments at the fact that she has to sleep with her brother while her grandparents visit. Mae Questel (Aunt Bethany) is the old relative that isn’t quite all there and wraps up her cat as a Christmas present and sings the National Anthem instead of saying grace.

If you haven’t seen Christmas Vacation, get it now. Once you rent it, I guarantee that it will be purchased within the next few days and made a permanent part of your video collection and holiday season.