It might seem like an odd thing to collect, and then again, maybe not. Everyone has something that they collect in one way or another, but some are more unusual than others. You may know someone with an interest in collecting old coins, or perhaps they have a shrine to Elvis stashed away somewhere in their house. For a long time, my brother would get every single movie poster he could find, and he had many of them hanging in his home.

I don’t know why he quit collecting the movie poster, but he did. He still has some of his favorites in his house, but he stopped actively trying to find the ones he wanted. Perhaps it was too frustrating for him, I’m not really sure. His favorite type of movie poster was the type that was for a horror film. Those were always his biggest finds, and those are the few that he still has today. Some are framed and hanging, but many are now in storage somewhere in my father‘s garage. I’m not sure what he’s planning to do with them now.

Movie poster

I can’t decide what it is about the movie poster that some like, but my brother says it is like a slice of life from a moment in time. It’s almost a glimpse into culture at that moment, and as time goes on, you can almost see how the world changes from poster to poster, and it also reminds us that life moves on. Though the movie poster can be rather generic, I think he might be right. Just the way the poster is set up, and how the movie is portrayed, does say something about the time from when it came out. The colors and the type of font also give away the time period, as do the clothing on the stars and the accessories they are wearing.

If you want to collect the movie poster or posters you like, you can find them for free in some cases. Quite often, video stores get them as promos, and if you wait until the promotion is over, they may give it to you for nothing. You might want to ask as soon as you see it though, as someone else may ask before you do. You can also buy them in stores and online, though you may have better luck looking around on the Internet in specialty shops and on sites like eBay.