Everyone has their favorite type of movie. For me, a good romance with a really interesting storyline is something that I prefer to watch, but I do love a comedy or some horror movies on occasion. Some people like horror exclusively, and they won’t watch anything else. Before you think they are strange, and obsessed with the grotesque in a way, you should understand why they watch them, and what most people get from such a movie. There are even times when they are a great idea.

There are different types of horror movies. Some like the recent movie Vacancy might be more of a thriller or suspense movie than a horror movie, but it does do the same things to the body and mind. There are some that are on the far extreme, like the Saw series, and those are not for everyone. Even those who love horror movies may not want to watch the Saw series because it is extremely graphic. There are many others that tend to fall in the middle of these two types, and those are the most popular.

There is something to be said about being scared, and horror movies will do this for most people. There are a number of things that happen in the body when you are scared that can give you a rush. There are chemicals that are released and the body feels the fight or flight reaction that gives an adrenaline rush. This feels very good, and heightens the senses. Those who find it hard to be stimulated often find what they need through activities like skydiving, but they can also get this from watching some horror movies. The more suspenseful ones are the ones they seem to love the most.

When going on a first date, horror movies can be a great idea. You do have to be sure your date is okay with seeing these suspenseful and sometimes graphic movies, but if they are, this is the thing to do. When your date is scared, she is going to lean on you. There is something about danger that brings two people together, even when the danger is only on the screen. You can also tell a lot about someone from how they react to such a movie. This is not the perfect first date for everyone, but if you are stuck for ideas, this might be one suggestion you can make to see how your date will react. If they seem to be interested, go for it.