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Simba and Kovu go psycho in this recut trailer of “The Lion King” to make it look like an upcoming horror movie. I used clips from both “The Lion King” movies (1 and 2), not just the first.

Watched some trailers, tv spots, different stuff to see a few techniques used. Learned new stuff, liked how the beginning and end turned out (the middle block not so much). Real shame I couldn’t make it longer. At 1:35 feels pretty damned short.

Yeah, I cheated and used a couple of voice bits from other things, but otherwise it’s all Lion King. And yeah, I’m overusing Akira Yamaoka but there’s nothing better for creepy or horror music. Warning, very loud. Lots of “BANG!”s (which I don’t like either but I have a limited amount of SFX). Enjoy.

Comments please.

Songs Used:

-Akira Yamaoka — Over (Silent Hill OST)
-Shirley Walker — Last Chance (Final Destination Original Score)
-Harry Gregson Williams — The Sorrow (Metal Gear Solid 3 OST)
-Akira Yamaoka — I’ll Kill You (Silent Hill OST)
-Akira Yamaoka — All (Silent Hill OST)
-Immediate Music — Sixty Voices Rise 5 (Themes for Orchestra and Choir)
-Akira Yamaoka — Ain’t Gonna Rain (Silent Hill OST)
-Akira Yamaoka — Didn’t Know Didn’t Know (Silent Hill 4 Unreleased Soundtrack)

Extra sound clips from:
-Silent Hill 2.
-Silent Hill 3.
-Silent Hill Movie (trailer)
-The Incredible Hulk (1996).

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