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Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads

by Roy H. Williams
Wizard of Ads books have become known for their unique blend of principle, practicality, and lore. Now here’s the third book in the series, with yet more sage guidance and dozens of fascinating true stories. Drawing on the teachings of his renowned Academy, the Wizard shares his unique perspectives on the roles neuroscience, chaos theory, poetry, and art play in the field of human persuasion.

His practical guidance will show you:

• How the right and left hemispheres of the brain process information differently and how to sneak past the rational left brain to deliver messages to the more open right brain

• How to access long-term memory to powerfully brand your company, product, or service and avoid the one fatal error that can cost you mountains of advertising money• How to achieve quick sales miracles with advertising hype and why you should avoid doing so at all costs

• How to create your own gravity well that gently draws customers in and gradually persuades them to commit.