25 Responses to “New Spider-Man Movie Villain & Castlevania Sequel – IGN Daily Fix, 10.12”

  1. KostyaTsuzu

    Wow this girls really talented, she makes it looks so effortless and natural…whilst being damn cute and entertaining.

    Looks WAY more MODEST than Chobot too. Big bonus.

    This Asian chick > Chobot

  2. fopp69

    I hated the way she pronounced Rhys Ifans. She was great otherwise.

  3. Megaz0

    I think he may be playing kraven in the new spidey film or possibly scorpion?

  4. itsmeharry1

    @addz316 i think you’re right, he has crazy gingerish hair, and looks perfect for the role of cletus cassidy

  5. PlayItRough09

    I think this so called “Vacation” may be auditions for Chobot’s replacement. (Anyone else agree?)

  6. ddxdxxdxxxdxddxxdddx

    Sorṙỵ ƒor beinɡ ᴏfḟ ṭοpіⅽ, ᑲսṭ I’ⅿ ṭṙỵіոg tᴏ ցеṭ ṙeveոɡe οո ⅿỵ ᑲⅰtch ᴏḟ аn еⅹ ցⅰrlḟriеnⅾ, іḟ yᴏu waոna seе հeṙ sеx tаρe I ɡοṭ а ɭⅰnǩ οn ⅿy рṙοƒile. tȟaոkѕ

  7. lynchdude88

    i like her she’s happy and makes me feel warm inside… oh wait thats just a boner

  8. 21centurynostradamus

    keep hot asian girls in your vids and i will keep watchng. ^_^

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