Last year I took it upon myself to watch the entire new series. Sometimes I watched some old serials too, like Ark of Space, Logopolis/Castrovalva, and two from the E-Space trilogy. And Survival. Some others, anyway.

At this time, I watched "An Unearthly Child", and left it at that for awhile.

Recently, I decided to watch them in order via rental. Of course some are wiped, and I’ll have to get around to the "Lost in Time" DVDs for that. And some merely aren’t out on DVD, for some wicked reason. Take "The Ark" from the First Doctor, it sounds great and has been issued on VHS but there aren’t currently any plans for a DVD. Blech.

Anyway, I started from "The Daleks" several weeks ago. The Edge of Destruction, with the soundtrack/pictures of Marco Polo as the special feature. Keys of Marinus, the Aztecs, and I just finished the Dalek Invasion of Earth. I felt that serial was the end of an era, since it was the last episodes with the original TARDIS crew. In a few more serials(most of which are intact, thankfully), I’ll be saying goodbye to Barbara and Ian as well(supposedly, Ian was to be in Mawdryn Undead, but William Russell wasn’t available..unfortunate).

I suppose if I were HARDCORE, I’d go ebay the ones that were released on VHS but aren’t available on DVD yet. On a related note, I’ve recently heard a DVD of the 1996 Paul McGann movie will be available within the year.

Anyway, how long should this take?

I imagine by the time I’m done, there will be more Who available on DVD, and then I can loop back and watch those too.
Watching them every day and it would still take 2-5 years?? No way.

Although, I won’t be watching them every day, so this could stretch into into the "years" territory at least somewhat…Bollocks!
12th Doctor: I was under the impression the DVD for the ’96 movie had never been released in the states!? I had given up on seeing it recently, and just watched it online.

Goldenfurpro: Are you purchasing the serials, renting them online, or what?

Today I pulled out the old Hand of Fear VHS I’d bought years ago. The first real serial I saw as an adult, not counting some half-memories once or twice from childhood/PBS.

The TARDIS was VERY different, kinda liked it.

And though I needed no further evidence, once again I concluded that Elisabeth Sladen/Sarah Jane Smith in her prime was a FOX. Gorgeous, really. I can see why she was the first existing companion to warrant as much attention as she did in the papers when she left(Re: About Time books). What a face. Dig the curly hair, too.

"She’s in pink stripes..I said pink stripes…Yes, like Andy Pandy!"

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    These films are definitive "cult classics." Neither made an impact in theatres, but through word-of-mouth and fan-driven promotion, both have grossed millions through VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray sales and rentals. Both have also spawned sequels, although only the "Saints" sequel featured the original cast and saw a theatrical release. So, which do you prefer?

    I enjoy both for different reasons. "Saints" is a very entertaining, Tarantino-esque crime film, buoyed by a colorful, talented cast. It’s a pity Troy Duffy is a self-destructive douche because he is a talented action/suspense director.

    Donnie Darko has, to my personal annoyance, been overwhelmed by its emo/Hot Topic fans. However, the film itself remains a highly original and well-crafted piece of science fiction. And it launced the very promising careers of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Overall, I prefer Donnie Darko.

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      When the film has ended and the second lot of credits come up, with the black background and white text, the second song that sounds like a church choir singing it, i think it’s sounds so nice, i want to know what it’s called??. I would look on the DVD but i only rented it from Blockbusters yesterday and did not have time to check in the ending credits to see if it listed the song’s name before it had to go back, because Blockbusters are now making all new releases one night rental and the whole family have been watching it different times during the day etc. so once it ended someone else wanted to watch it straight away lol

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        I’m using the book "programming in visual basic 2008". i can’t for the life of me figure out what to do here. i’m in chapter 4. the instructions read:
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        the SUMMARY button displays the number of customers and the sum of the rental amounts in a message box. make sure to add to the customer count and rental sum for each customer order.
        oh dear. i’m sorry. it’s the calculations im have a problem with. you see when my grandson showed me this thing i was having fun. now i’m at chapter 4 and i am so flustered. i dont want to give up but this is hard

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