My son works at a local video store and recently had a patron come in to look for a movie that was not supposed to be released until the 12th of the month. The patron stated that the business down the street already had several differant new release movie on their shelf for rent. What exactly is a release date, and can you get in trouble for renting before the release date?

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I’ve recently bought the Blockbuster Rental version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Blu-Ray. I know that there are no features on this version, but what I want to ask is if there is any difference in the video quality of the rental version and the actual release.

Like, perhaps the rental version is just a burned Blu-Ray?

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    Should I get the Blockbuster Gamepass?
    Or stick with gamefly?

    Here are the pros and cons of both.

    – It has any Xbox 360 games
    – Any new releases or any really good game, has a low availability.

    – Is as easy as going to Blockbuster and renting it.
    – Doesn’t have a very big selection of games.


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      By Arizona law, a landlord must release any security deposit being held within 14 days of the termination of a rental agreement. My rental agreement terminated on September 30, and I haven’t heard anything from the landlord. I’ve been advised that I need to give a written demand for the amount I am owed, giving a specified amount of time for them to release it. I can’t find any information on what a "reasonable" amount of time would be.

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